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Who we are?

Mirembe & Company Advocates was established in 2014 and offers a full range of legal services. The firm has been recognized and appreciated within this very short period not only because of its mastery of the law and command in its areas of specialization, but also for its credibility, expeditiousness and global associate practice approach.

We are a full service law practice dedicated to professional excellence, personal and high quality support and effective representation. We have obtained professional memberships that our clients benefit from.

Each of our practice groups has the same approach: simple, direct and uncompromising pursuit of solutions for our clients. Our client's success is ultimately our own.

We pride in personalized, quality service, providing our clients prompt and practical advice and service on a cost-effective basis. We seek to facilitate our clients' business interests and to resolve problems at an early stage. Our experienced attorneys devote personal attention to each of our clients' legal needs and matters, and provide consistent high quality services and integrity in their work.

Although we strive to prevent costs, delay and aggravation associated with litigation, if necessary to protect our clients' interests, we vigorously try lawsuits in all courts throughout Uganda. Our principal areas of expertise and practice are:

Organizing and Providing Counseling For Start-Up Companies: We have extensive experience in all aspects of assisting entrepreneurs in planning, organizing and forming new business entities. We prepare a wide variety of agreements, from the standard form to the very creative, in assisting a new company to establish its capital structure, locate and secure funding, find and keep talent, and to successfully grow.

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