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About Mirembe & C0-Advocates

Mirembe & Company Advocates was established in 2014 and offers a full range of legal services. The firm has been recognized and appreciated within this very short period not only because of its mastery of law and command in its areas of specialization, but also for its credibility, expeditiousness and global associate practice approach.

We are a full-service law practice dedicated to professional excellence, personal and high-quality support and effective representation. We have obtained professional memberships that our clients benefit from.

Each of Our practice groups has the same approach: simple, direct and uncompromising pursuit of solutions for our clients. Our client’s success is ultimately our own.

We pride in personalized, quality service providing our clients prompt and practical advice and service on cost effective basis. We seek to facilitate our clients’ business interests and to resolve problems at an early stage. Our experienced attorneys devote personal attention to each of our clients’ legal needs and matters, and provide consistent high-quality services and integrity in their work.

Although we strive to prevent cost, delay and aggravation associated with litigation, if necessary to protect our clients ‘interest, we vigorously try lawsuits in all courts throughout Uganda.

Our Practice Areas

Antitrust & Competition

Our Global Associate Antitrust and Competition lawyers understand that your legal strategies must be equally well-coordinated. We can help make sure that your transactions meet the requirements of multiple jurisdictions, that your business policies are compliant, and that your interests are well-defended.

Banking & Finance

Our legal practice includes a network of lawyers experienced in local and international banking and finance laws, regulations and customs. They possess the global perspective and local experience to complete even the most complex transactions for corporate borrowers, commercial and investment banks, funds, financial institutions and governments.

Bankruptcy/Financial Restructuring

We understand that in every financial crisis there are windows of opportunity, moments when businesses still can be rescued, rehabilitated or reorganized and when it is possible to stop the erosion of value. And we have the necessary range of legal and business skills – and experience in putting them to work quickly and in a coordinated manner – to help you seize these opportunities.

Dispute Resolution

Our Dispute Resolution lawyers assess your legal risks and liabilities and identify problems before they emerge. When disputes happen, we help you devise and implement the right strategy. Where litigation is required, our lawyers have the experience and know-how to take complex cross-border issues to court, fighting aggressively and incisively on your behalf.

Labor , Employment & Employee Benefits

We understand that business success requires legally sound, strategically savvy labor and employment policies and practices. Our Labor, Employment & Employee Benefits Practice Group includes lawyers whose focus is to help employers comply with the law, prevent unwanted issues from arising and continuously adapt to the realities of an intensely competitive global economy.


Our Associate Insurance lawyers provide comprehensive legal services in the insurance and reinsurance arena. We apply local industry and commercial knowledge sensitive to the global and local pictures. We devise risk management strategies to reduce exposure. We advise on navigating complex regulatory frameworks that may have implications for enforcement. And we conduct due diligence in M&A situations

Intellectual Property

We understand the issues and provide unique and global solutions. Our Global Intellectual Property practice includes lawyers who can help you identify, manage and protect your Intellectual Property assets — or acquire those that provide a greater return. We can help you keep up with changing laws and border requirements – or work to improve them.

Information Technology & Communication

We have lawyers who are truly focused on the legal and commercial business needs of IT and communications businesses. We are equipped to help you set up businesses in this sector, in almost any jurisdiction that matters to you, with in-depth, on-the-ground local knowledge to support your ongoing legal needs.

Professional and Experienced Law Firm

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High quality, efficient service

We are committed to providing service, expertise and quality in efficient and cost-effective manner.

Expertise and experience

The firm has professional staff with experience in both the private sector and at the government regulatory circles.

Availability and communication

We take pride in detailed, effective advice and personal communication with each and every one of our clients. we welcome the opportunity to speak with you further about our services.

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Professional and Experienced Law Firm

What Our Clients Say

The firm is highly professional, with a sound management.

Conrad Atuhire
Kampala, Uganda

Committed and professional team of lawyers that a result oriented

Roy Ayena
Kampala, Uganda